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Over 3 Years of Experience in B2B Digital Marketing Services. Helped 27+ Brands to Achieve Success.

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How It All Started?

Let’s Hear It From The Boss

As a lifelong Amazon FBA Consultant and Digital Marketing Analyst, I’ve been observing significant gaps in the digital business arena in Bangladesh and all around the world. Whenever someone seeks to hire an expert for their businesses, they almost always encounter some substantial challenges. This is the very reason we embarked on our journey as a full fledged Digital Marketing Agency called eSaviour Limited in 2023. Our company motto is “Care to be Aware” – which justifies our sincere efforts to provide the best possible solutions to grow your business. 

Mainul Isalm

Managing Director

Industry Expertise

Take a quick look at what our experts take pride in.

Our Story

eSaviour Limited is the Prime Example of a Modern Digital Marketing Agency

eSaviour Limited has started its humble journey as a fully-developed Amazon FBA and Digital Marketing agency in the year 2023, although the company has been active for over 3 years now with around 30 clients in the bag. 

The world of digital marketing is opening up to newer possibilities everyday and at eSaviour, we are only getting started with a pioneering take on the industry where we promote a client-centric approach coupled with innovation and expertise to produce the most viable solution for all of you.  

Being a multinational corporation, we have partnered up with several supercharged brands around the world since our inception. We have accumulated a number of accolades under our belt in a relatively shorter span of time and our case studies speak for them. 

If you are a dreamer yourself and want to take your business to an unprecedented height, make your offer today and let’s build on your dreams together.

Our Mission

We envision a world where all the businesses irrespective of their size and budget can thrive with confidence on digital platforms. By creating novel examples of client management and transparency, setting new standards of business development and marketing practices and fostering a healthy and creative work environment, we aspire to become a game-changer in this industry and for you, the one-stop digital marketing agency. We don’t consider ourselves an authority in this relationship; rather, we aim to grow together with you till a transformative online presence is established for both of us.

Our Vision

We understand the worries when you have just started a business. The digital era is challenging and the online space is all about competition. At eSaviour Limited, we have made it our solitary mission to help you withstand the inevitable obstacles in your journey through research-based ethical approaches and always stay ready with tailor-made innovative solutions for all the possible scenarios in the making. With our services, we vow to keep playing our role as the go-to agency for your business development. 

When Numbers Speak for Us

Our Values

A strict set of principles keeps us focused and together that we express with the “4 I’s”


Our clients can expect a 100% transparency from our end and we will never disappoint. We have put honesty at the core of our inspiration behind building every relationship.


To survive in the modern interface, a space for creativity and innovation is no longer optional. We pride ourselves in the trail-blazing and timeless solutions we generate only for you.


Whether you are our client or a partner, be sure to be a part of the same body we operate through when we are collaborating. We welcome ideas from you as well so the product becomes our near and dear.


Why should you settle for less when you are paying for something so important as your own business? We are our biggest competition and we strive for that excellence by setting the bar at the highest level possible with every new client.


Get a glimpse into the names carrying us into the future.


Mainul Islam

Managing Director

With a comprehensive background in Law LL. B from the University of London, LL. M in International Business Law from BPP University, UK and over a decade of experience as an Amazon FBA Consultant and Digital Marketing Expert, he brings a unique blend of legal expertise and e-commerce savvy to propel your brand forward.


Bhanni Shikha


Our honorable Chairman had completed Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) & Master of Business Administration (MBA) from Independent University, Bangladesh. She is highly motivated into business Branding and Marketing.


Yeasin Ali

Head Of Graphics Design


Abu Naeem Rabbi

Jr. SEO Consultant


Wahidur Rahman

Jr. Web Developer

Nazma Akhter

Nazma Akhter

Intern Graphics Designer

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

We believe in two-ways communication with our clients to ensure the most successful campaign between us.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)​

A. We are not just another service provider as many of the agencies in the contemporary market. We have trained professionals who are willing to become your strategic partners. We will shadow your every step from planning to execution till you have a face to show in the global digital and e-commerce platforms. This commitment to excellence and client-oriented business management practices sets us apart from the rest of our competitors.

A. Staying updated is a precondition of survival in this industry. We are well-invested in continuous learning, regular training and forum participation, which puts us at the top of every new trend in the business.

A. Yes, absolutely. Our customized solutions are highly scalable to meet your unique goals whether you’re a startup or an industry giant.

A. Our FBA consultancy is based on years of practical experience in the market itself, well-researched insights and reports from within the Amazon ecosystem and a tested record of helping businesses succeed prior.

A. When it comes to design, we have experts from various sectors to suit your visual needs such as graphics design, website design and UI/UX design.

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